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About Person Space

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A Roving Art Gallery With A Difference

Person Space started as an idea for a gallery space several years ago to exhibit a broad range of art. Over the years it became clear that a conventional gallery space would not be suitable for the variety of art and ideas produced through collaboration with a diverse group of people, artists and communities.

Person Space focuses on a person-centred approach, putting the emphasis on encouraging and allowing individuals to develop creatively and to celebrate this through providing opportunities for exhibiting their work.

Each exhibition will be held at a different venue, chosen to reflect the needs of the participants and the exhibition.

The exhibitions and events will be in the heart of the community in spaces where they are not usually held. The events challenge our commonly held perceptions and understanding of everyday life, people and activities through art exhibitions which link related activities and workshops. It also explores and celebrates that which we hold dear in our lives through creative expression and social and cultural participation.